The Midwest Big Data Hackathon is a two-day event bringing together the Midwest Big Data community to work on creative ideas around big data applications. Student developers, designers, and data enthusiasts of all kinds can collaborate on exciting projects looking at the opportunities around analytics in the information we access every day. The event will be held at the University of Iowa. The event will be free and open to students from high school to graduate levels working or interest to work in the area of big data domains including Big Data Spokes areas (e.g. health sciences, food-energy-water, smart cities and communities, digital agriculture, manufacturing, etc.) Major cross cutting areas for the hackathon will be data visualization, visual analytics, big data management, scientific computing (HPC, Cloud, GPU), virtual/augmented/immersive reality applications, and cyber-learning systems.

   The faculty mentors from spokes domains will share their data and project ideas from the event website. Students will be able pick projects and data either from predefines topics or work on a new idea of their choice. The event program will include introduction of big data theme and MBDH, talks on big data topics, ideation, team building, development/hacking process, judging and announcing winners. The projects will demonstrate a working product of a big data application (e.g. visualization, mobile application, hardware/software solutions, data analytics, information communication, data and network services, etc.)

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  • Participants: Individuals (over 18 years in age).
  • Teams: (Max. of 4)
  • Countries: United States

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$5,000 in prizes

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

Leepfrog Award for Data Visualization

Fintastic Award by Pariveda Solutions

Rock the Hack Award by Rockwell Collins

Best Machine Learning

Social Hack Award

Big Data Award

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention

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